Kitchen Helper Needed at Banana King Corp – Jersey City, NJ

A kitchen helper is one who performs any combination of following duties to maintain kitchen work areas and restaurant equipment and utensils in clean and orderly condition.

Kitchen Help in USA

Job Description

Prepare a variety of food items for cooking.
Retrieve food items from the fridge or freezer.
Wash, peel, and/or cut food items, including fruits, vegetables, or certain types of meats.
Store food in containers and in the fridge or freezer.
Weigh or measure ingredients (e.g., flour, salt, sugar, oil).
Re-fill kitchen condiment bottles and shakers.
Stack and store food supplies, equipment, or other utensils in the kitchen.
Wipe down kitchen surfaces using proper sanitizers.
Clean any used kitchenware (e.g., knives) or dishes.
Mop or sweep the kitchen floor, and collecting dirt and debris in a dustpan.
Empty out the dustpan in the garbage or squeeze out the mop into a bucket.
Take out trash bags from kitchen.
Your employer may also ask you to carry out additional duties than those listed here.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $8.75 to $9.50 /hour


  • spanish (Preferred)
  • English / Spanish (Preferred)

If you require alternative methods of application or screening, you must approach the employer directly to request this as Indeed is not responsible for the employer’s application process.

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